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5 Most Popular Grill Out Dates

Below are the five most popular dates that homeowners grill out. There is still time to be a homeowner in 2018 and get to grill out at all 5 of these holidays in 2018. - See below more more info on how to get Pre Approved for a Mortgage in hours!

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a simple task, dispute what you might of heard. Cypress Mortgage Pro ( can get you pre-approved and out shopping in a matter of hours. Think needed paperwork for a pre-approval is too much, not really!!! A 10 min phone call and your last 30 days worth of check stubs, last 2 years W-2, last 2 months of bank statements and a copy of your ID is all that is needed to get you pre-approved. With most of these items being online, with in a hour you can send me everything and I can have you a pre-approval letter emailed to you. WE can also asst you with finding an awesome realtor for you, that you do NOT pay a dime to, there services are always free for you. Cypress Mortgage Pro never charges upfront application fees or credit report fee!

5 Most Popular Grill Out Dates

1) 4th of July

2) Labor Day

3) Memorial Day

4) Father's Day

5) Mother's Day

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Please visit Click the red link on the top right side that says “APPLY NOW”. Please fill out the COMPLETE APPLICATION. If you rather call me to answer any questions you have or have me take your application over the phone please do not hesitate to call or email me a time to call you.

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