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40 Kid Approved Christmas Stocking Ideas

Christmas is less than a week away....and if you are anything like me, I am scrambling time to get everything Christmas related finished. Below is a quick list of Kid approved stocking ideas!

  1. Bubble bath

  2. Bathtub crayons

  3. Cute socks

  4. Bubbles

  5. Character Band-Aids

  6. Stickers – especially scratch n’ sniff stickers (Michaels craft store has a good variety)

  7. Pez

  8. Candy necklace

  9. Stretchy bugs/critters (I don’t know why, but kids go crazy for these. Bags can be found at Target in the birthday party aisle)

  10. Silly straws

  11. Glow sticks

  12. Lip gloss/lipstick

  13. Mini nail polish

  14. Fruit snacks

  15. Matchbox cars

  16. Slap bracelets

  17. Play-doh

  18. Lego mini figures

  19. Food shaped erasers (girls love the scale of these for playing with dolls)

  20. Glow in the dark stars and planets

  21. Dress up jewelry.

  22. Earrings

  23. Fancy edge scissors

  24. Silly socks

  25. Box of crayons

  26. Coloring Book

  27. Silly putty

  28. Can of silly string

  29. Animal sponge capsules

  30. Magic washcloth

  31. Washable Markers

  32. Watercolor paints

  33. Origami paper

  34. Chewing Gum

  35. Chalk

  36. Flash Cards

  37. Toothbrush

  38. Jump Rope

  39. Plastic Press on Nail Sets

  40. Whoopie Cushion

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