35 Things To Hide in Easter Eggs Besides Candy

35 Things we can Hide in Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages besides Candy

1.Army men

2.Temporary tattoos


4.Pictures of larger items (the larger gift is hidden in the house) 5.Character Band- aids

6.Barbie accessories 7.Magnetic letters to add a bit of learning 8.Puzzle pieces- put the puzzle together to make sure you got all the 9.Lip gloss 10.Play dough 11.Magic Grow Bath capsules 12.Bounce balls 13.Barretts 14.Nail polish 15.Alphabet letters to add the element of literacy 16.Hair ties 17.Earrings 18.Necklaces 19.Rings 20.Tiny party favor items from Party City 21.Slime 22.Silly putty 23.A Whistle 24.Jelly Bracelets 25.Toy cars 26.Teddy Grahams 27.Dollar bills 28.Tiny bubbles 29.A mini-slinky 30.Mini Water Gun 31.Balloons (always supervise kids while they play with balloons)

32.Goldfish crackers

33.Fruit snacks

34.Tokens from Chuck E Cheese


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