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We Make Your Dream A Reality

Think owning a home is out of your reach? Have you read online that getting approved for a mortgage is hard and you have to have lots of money and perfect credit????? Well.....that is NOT the truth. I have gotten hundreds of families in their dream homes that were just average American's working hard to achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

So many times the first thing I hear from someone when I am speaking to them on getting pre-approved for a Mortgage loan is....."there is no way I will get approved". People hear stories from their parents on when they bought there home 30 years ago....well guess what.....the mortgage world changes each and everyday and honestly the mortgage programs today are contently changing to help families towards the path of home ownership.

A quick 15 min phone call with me will allow me to either do a couple things.....get you pre-approved and out shopping for a home right away or I will be able to discuss with you the actions we need work on together to get you on the right track to buy your family a home of your own.

"You never know what you can do till you try"

Call or email me today to schedule a free 15 min call to talk about what you need to do to get approved for a mortgage loan!!

Jennifer No- RMLO

25250 NW Fwy Ste 260

Cypress TX 77429

832-220-1480 (Office)

936-525-7225 (Cell) ß Check us out

C&T Mortgage Inc.

Company NMLS 1231852

Individual NMLS 1310829


Please visit Click the red link on the top right side that says “APPLY NOW”. Please fill out the COMPLETE APPLICATION.

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